The pilgrims paid tribute to the feats of veterans

On the eve of the 65th Anniversary of the victory over fascist Germany there was a whole bunch of various events in “Republic “Pilgrim”. The veterans who live nearby the children’s center were wiping their tears moved by the performance of the songs of war times by the pilgrims.

The celebration of the Victory’s day started with the tour around the places of war fame. The guys laid flowers by the monuments to the victims of fascism, to marine commandos, to the pioneer – hero Anatoly Balabuha. Their personal guide was the veteran of war, Russian teacher Galina Tsertsek who told the guys about the historical events of war times.

The surprise for girls and boys was the coming of the choir of veterans named after Vasiliy Alita. This choir was created in Mariupol at the Greek cultural center “Meotida”. The children enjoyed Ukrainian folk and military songs a lot. While the choir was singing “Smuglianka” other pilgrims actively clapped their hands and danced supporting those who were singing. The children showed interest in the Greek repertoire of the choir. Any pilgrim knows now that “Ola kala” is “it’s all right” in translation from Greek.

Nobody stayed indifferent to the festival “The song of military greatcoat” that was prepared and held in the 8th of May the children themselves under the supervising of the teacher in Chief Larionova Lyubov.  It seemed what can war and song have in common? The kids on behalf of the graduates of 1941 told that a song would accompany any march, was sung in the camp or even during the battle… The pilgrims were singing well known songs “Victory day”, “Dark night” and “Hey, roads” with a great pleasure. These songs touched the heart of the veteran of the war Galina Tsertsek. She told about her sufferings at war time and that being little they had to work, to find some food, to look after wounded. At the end of the festival the guys paid a tribute to the memory of those who were killed at the war with the minute of silence. In the 9th of May it was decided to invite veterans who live nearby to the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “Pilgrim” to give them a concert and to watch a movie “We are from the future”. Old men and women with tears in their eyes thanked the children and organizers of the event.

The week of celebration ended with the field cereal made on fire.