The African journal of the pastor – Pilgrim part 4

The African “Republic Pilgrim” under the name "Embrace".  I am proud of the guys missionaries from Ukraine and Russia who develop the work with Kenyan street kids. From my first day in Africa I had dreamed for street kids here to have a chance for Good Changes!!!

On the pictures you can see the faces of these amazing children!!! In this center they can have meals, can spend night, they have classes and they build a system that will help these kids to break out from the street hopelessness.

Here is their website and Facebook page. It is easy to get in touch with them and to support their hands. They need people who could come on mission and serve here for several months or maybe even a few years. But if you can’t join them you can at least pray for them and to press Like on their page on Facebook. You can also repost some of their news and it will be a great help to the guys…

The privilege given by God to a man. 

One of my favorite Pascal’s quotations: “The greatest privilege given by God to a man is to be a Cause”.One more team of the Ukrainian missionaries is surely the cause of the good changes in the lives of kids on the equator. These guys have created the family version of the orphanage. The kids received a real family atmosphere, care, provision and education. My team and I were happy to come to see them at the end of the earth. And surely guests are always a big joy for the kids!!! I just want to say to your team BIG THANKS one more time!!!