The African journal of pastor – pilgrim part 3. He was killed by a shot in head.

  James Ochodi was 18. He grew up with 6 of his brothers and sisters, without parents. They were raised by their nana. The partner orphanage for Republic Pilgrim on the Equator “Gilgal” had become a home for the boy.

During the morning prayer the terrorists rushed in and they started shooting the students, one by one. They gave a choice to each one of them – If you deny Christianity you can be free. Such were not found. 146 young students were killed by a shot in the head. Before shooting the Islamic murderers called a parent for them to say good bye And then the shot was heard in the receiver. James had nobody to call to. His blind nana in a poor village didn’t have a phone. Amongst many events of yesterday we came to see James’ nana and his brothers. Of course we brought some gifts. Sadly they don’t have his photo left. They never had a photo. Maybe he is somewhere on a picture of Gilgal orphanage I had taken years ago. Maybe at those pictures he was dancing like this with our team that came to the Equator. The time in this Christian center was surely the best time in his life.

It is just incredible. For years I am marveled by the Miracle… Peter is still alive!!!!

 Yet at my first coming when I spent a night at the slum in Kipsongo I was certain that I won’t see him alive any more on this earth. It was just bones under the shirt. However he tried to work, he sold something and got out of the slum of life. He got married and rent couple of rooms.

Peter had been a street kid from his childhood, he lived on street, begged, snuffed glue, he has AIDS. But he‘s been keeping strong until now. Every year he promises to me: “When you are back I will be still alive!” And he keeps his promise!!! Even though it seems like a mystics to me. …