The African journal of the pastor – Pilgrim part 2. The girl’s life turned into a good fight of faith

The girl’s life turned into a good fight of faith ( the African journal of the pastor - Pilgrim) – Sammy this is the name of my friend in Africa. At the age of 16 she had come to the equator for the first time and realized what she wanted to devote her life to. On graduating from the University in California Sammy got back to Kenya.

The result of her life and ministry for the period of many years is a great number of kids who haven’t died on street. She takes kids from street to the center she found… Food, medicine, studies and sadly enough funerals which are not so rare here. Many kids have horrible diseases and can’t be cured. They simply die on Sammy’s laps. Without the help of this girl and her team these kids wouldn’t have any chance. After doing some shopping for them we came to their new premise of the children’s center ( they moved from the rented place last year). I thank all my friends, and there is quite a few of them, who in some way helped this dream to come true. We ministered, prayed and gave them the food we bought, the beds, mattress, chairs and sure enough the sports equipment for the kids. It is a really good fight of faith.

Frills ( sorry for my Donbass slang) of the Christians with cool cars who show off before each other are a parody of faith for me. And here is the very essence of faith. I thank you, Sammy, and I thank those who support her hands. By the way, I would like once again to invite those who consider themselves great anointed people of healing to this children’s center….The kids crippled by various diseases wait for you here. I want to remind all the Muntyans etc. The invitation is still in force…. If you heal one of these little friends of mine in Sammy’s house I will sell my half built house and donate the money to your “marvelous” ministry. But until you keep silence I consider you windbags.  This girl is a lesson of Faith in the highest meaning of this word. And she is a rebuke to many of us whose Christianity comes down to a periodical rubbing pants on the church benches.

I am proud of the family of blind people in my church. 

 Within the last several years a wonderful family from my congregation raises funds and sends them with me to the end of the world to pay for the food, education and medical service of this white angel on the black continent. Leena is an albino and in African tribes from where she was taken to Sammy’s center she would have been doomed. According to the craze witchcraft traditions there is no place for her in the tribe and an awful fate would have fallen upon her. Some people here are convinced in healing properties of her organs if one boils and eat them. P.S. I thank those who will be able to take part in the “Auction of good”. Of course I will be glad if you come here yourself ( by the way I will be gathering team gain in a year.. you can register and get prepared). However you can do something for the orphaned kids right now. We have a bank card here and at least once a day we go to the city and can get cash….