The former street kids have competed this year’s stage of the bike action “Russia and the world without orphans” in Vladivostok.

Vladivostok has become the final destination point of all- Russian bike trip “Russia without orphans”. On Wednesday, July 30th the third stage has been completed – with the marathon along the street of the corner capital.

The bike action “Russia and the world without orphans” has started in June 13th in Baikalsk. For over a month the former street kids and the orphans alongside with their mentors were dealing with the weather phenomena – heavy rains and hails, winds and scorching sun but nothing stopped them from riding this 9320 miles. Vladivostok is just one of the parts of the bike action. There was the Ukrainian stage before, in 2011, – from Mariupol to Kiev and furthermore towards the Russian border. Then the first Russian stage – from Kursk to Yekaterinburg, in 2012, and then the second Russian stage from Yekaterinburg to Baikalsk, in 2013.

In Primorje the partakers of the bike action have stopped in Dalnorechensk, Mountain keys village, Spassk – Dalnii, Ussuriisk and finally they reached Vladivostok. The first time the bikers were met at the very entrance of the city by Statue. Then they moved to the monument to Cyril and Methodius and then they finished their marathon at the sports coast. The local traffic police had been escorting them through all their way and according to their words they were displeased with the behavior of the motorcade and admitted there was anarchy on the road which should not be repeated.

The leader of the bike rade Gennadiy Mokhnenko said that when they were just planning the bike trip the professionals in biking tried to talk them out of the idea since they had not enough well prepared athletes. “You just don’t know my boys! Those who used to grow up in sewers can surprise any professional. They are cool! – Gennadiy Mokhnenko laughs. The word “hard” will never convey the one millionth part of the emotions. Vladivostok is a really nice city but no sugarloaf can scare us, we had seen a lot”.

Gennadiy himself is an adoptive father of 32 kids. He tries with such a bike action to eradicate any fear of adoption in Ukrainian and Russian people. Many people are concerned about the genetics, but most of my kids used to have parents with either alcohol or drug addiction and I am ready to prove that there is no such heredity. It’s all a lie. There is no drug heredity. If such a kid finds himself in a good family he would change his life to the better, – Gennadiy Mokhnenko points out.

There were different age groups in the team as well as different physical skills of the children – some of them are with HIV+ status. By the way the team multiplied. They started with 30 kids in the very beginning in Ukraine and now 45 of them in Vladivostok.

The next stage of the world action will go through the western part of the globe. They are starting from Anchorage (Alaska) then through the western coast of Canada, then western coast of the US, Mexico and perhaps through the Latin America. “And then we are going to ride through “the old lady – Europe”. After riding through the whole Russia Europe is a pathetic practice, – concluded Gennadiy Mokhnenko.

In July 31st the round table tool place in the Institute of development and education (Vladivostok) where the journalists, parents and those who intend to adopt children will gather to get to know more about the bike action and the experience of adoption.