The hot summer of “ Republic Pilgrim “

This summer in the “Republic Pilgrim “, as always, was full of adventures, interesting developments and many guests . Pilgrims had an honor to host friends from different corners of the world: the United States, Germany, and Czech Republic. Many young people came and devoted their time and finances to minister to orphans and children of the most complex social category in Ukraine. All guests of course, became honor citizens of the "Republic Pilgrim" and took an active part in kids’ lives.

One of the teams of young people was from California the church «Saddleback». 

The “Saddleback” team year after year comes to serve the kids in Crimea camp. While in Crimea together team with kids went on the mountain hikes, walks on the waterfront of Yalta and Sevastopol. They visited ruins of the Chersonese, swimming and enjoying sun on the beaches of a Black Sea. The “Saddleback” team organized fun activities for kids and a lot of interesting games. 

Guests were not only actively involved in various activities in the Republic – soccer, volleyball, Sunday services, but they themselves have organized their own extraordinary entertainment events. It was a great joy for all Pilgrims.  

Our friends from church- partner German city Plyuderhauzen, and friends from the Czech Republic brought the pilgrims many interesting ideas and implement them together with children. They taught the children to praise God in different languages, learning songs from the Psalms. Together there were doing various crafts, and learning how to create with their own hands. Together with the guests children cut, molded, and created different and great colorful crafts. Friends from Germany did a face painting for children, creating magnificent and magical characters out of little pilgrims. 

But especially valuable and important was great and friendly fellowship with foreign friends, love, affection and prayers that our friends shared with the children. Despite the language barrier everyone was able to understand each other. 

Unforgettable experience was a recent three-day camp of pilgrims and guests to the beautiful place of Azov Region. There a friendly international team, children, teens and young people were relaxing, swimming in natural great lakes, cooked some great barbeque, talked and sung songs around the campfire. 

Many children of the “Republic Pilgrim”, who are recently became a part Pilgrim first time in their lives had such a great experience, were able to meet new people, visit new places, and enjoy this summer time. 
Lida Tolmacheva, new student of the CBD, “Pilgrim Republic”: “This year, the first time in my life I met with foreign guests, before that I had never interacted with people from other countries! I really liked when our friends from Germany did a face painting and created masks It was interesting to walk around town with visitors from the Czech Republic, they also taught us to dance Czech dance “Bochuta.” It was fun!” 

Igor Kulibchenko, a student of the CBD, “Pilgrim Republic”:“I really liked the time in the Crimea with the Americans, when we played with them, different games, they are so funny! Also I enjoyed singing along with the guys from Germany and just spent some time with them” 
Edward Gunko, a student of the CBD, “Pilgrim Republic”: “And I especially liked how we were making motors, bells, fans, lamps with our hands . It was very interesting. I made many friends and will never forget this summer! “