Bread and salt for the pilgrims

The partakers of the bike trip “Ukraine without orphans” is gradually approach its final destination – Kiev. They reached today the city of Pereyaslav – Khmelnitskiy. At the entrance to the city the pilgrims were met by people with Ukrainian tradition - Bread and salt.

In the center of the city by the city government building the representative from the mayor greeted young bikers. The local mass – Media were there too.

A little bit late there was an official meeting of the mayor of the city and his vice –mayors with the bikers. The president of the republic Pilgrim Valeriy Glushets handed over to the mayor the official petition from the alliance “Ukraine without orphans” where the basic goals and ideas of the alliance are presented. The pilgrim got two big boxes with cookies from the mayor. Pastor Gennadiy took a floor and told all who were present there about the purposes of the bike trip and emphasized once more that Ukraine can be the country without orphanages.

It worth mentioning that the alliance ‘Ukraine without orphans” is an All –Ukrainian movement which has a purpose to occupy all the orphans with the real care, give an opportunity to every kid to be raised in the loving family and to prevent orphanship in Ukraine. The movement unites the efforts of many charity, social and religious organizations, churches and thousands of people who are not indifferent to the lives of the children. The current action, whose initiator and ideal inspirer – Gennadiy Mokhnenko –pastor and adoptive father of 30 former street kids, is going on namely under this motto. The management and members of the alliance are certain that 30000 kids who need to be adopted in Ukraine can find shelter and real families in Ukraine.

As the city government of Pereyaslav – Khmelnitskiy shared they almost have no issue of orphans in their city because practically all of them were adopted and it means that in other cities and villages of multimillion Ukraine are capable to perform a miracle.

In eastern Ukraine the example to follow is shown by the experience of the charity fund “Pilgrim” where for several years already some foster homes function, adoptive families in which up to13 former orphans live. Pastor Gennadiy and his team keep telling people about the idea of adoption. They inspire people and are ready to help. The main dream – each child should have their own family, real parents. Then and only then these children are going to have good prospects and good future.

In Pereyaslav – Khmelnitskiy a big program was made for the pilgrims. It was the memorial day of the beginning of the Great Patriotic war, so the children visited the monuments of the heroes of the war, paid the tribute to the soldiers with the minute of silence and prayed for peace in the world. In the evening the local powers organized for the kids visits to the local museums.