The New Year’s vacations of the pilgrims

The New Year’s season the pilgrims celebrated in the orphanage “The Father’s House” in the outskirts of Kiev. The kids were received there with such warmth and joy that they didn’t want to leave the place afterwards. The very new Year’s Eve the children met at the main Christmas tree of Ukraine they got to see many historic places of Kiev, saw famous cultural monuments, used the Subway of the capital that was for many kids quite an impression since they were there for the 1st time.

The journey was interesting, festive and full of emotions. They were riding the attractions in the entertainment center “The Dream town” and got to visit a unique kids’ city of professions «Kid’s will”, where they could try different roles and get to know the details about various professions. They were in the Art gallery where paintings give way to one another, creating an incredible fascinating spectacle that left nobody indifferent. 

The kids also had time to visit several New Year’s shows in the capital and to visit sauna and grab some food in the McDonalds that was for them the greatest joy ever.  On Sunday the children were at the Church Service in the town Boyarka where they sang a New Year’s song for the congregation.

On their way home they came around the city of Kirovograd where in the church “The Source of Life” they were  joyfully met and warmly received by longtime friends.

Beside a variety of entertainments the kids could meet new people, make friends and also meet some old friends, they got even more untied through the trip and learnt to organize and take part in various interactive games and competitions.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the Director of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”: “Kiev met us with frost and snow and we enjoyed it very much. This real winter weather made this New Year’s time so special? It was a fabulous atmosphere and an amazing time for the kids. They all have a whole bunch of positive impressions and emotions now”. 

The pilgrims had been there in the capital from 30th of December till January 4th and they left earlier in order not to miss the Christmas Service of the Church of Good Changes in the 7th of December where they took part in the program.