The next stage of the bike action “Ukraine and the world without orphans” has started in Kiev.

The team of the cyclists consists of the kids from adoptive and foster families, from adoptive and foster parents and the graduates of orphanages.At the press conference the initiator of the bike tour and the founder of the charity fund “Pilgrim”, the adoptive father of 32 kids, and currently the chaplain of the Ukrainian army, Gennadiy Mokhnenko informed that this stage of the bike action will go through 10 countries and will last about 2 months.

As it was pointed out before the initiative of the bike tour “Ukraine and the world without orphans” is dated back to 2011  and it was initiated by the Alliance  “ Ukraine without orphans” ( it’s All 0 Ukrainian movement of people and organizations who are not indifferent to the problem of orphanhood in Ukraine). Its’ purpose is to make the adoption popular phenomenon and to help poor kids. The partakers of the bike tour want to attract people’s attention to the awful reality of living in an orphanage, to tell what happens to the kids who live there and how hard it is for them.

 As Mokhnenko stated the youngest participant of the bike action is 8 years old. Altogether there are 25 cyclists in the team. The biggest part of it had taken part in the previous stages of the bike action which took place before the start of war actions in the east of our country.9300 miles were overcome along the territory of Ukraine and Russia. Due to the aggression of Russia the bike tour was interrupted and now it will be continued through Europe.

 They hope to ride 3100 miles, the route through Kiev, Zhytomir, Rivne, Lutsk and Lviv and furthermore through 9 countries of Europe.

 “In the 1st of September we will be finishing since some of the partakers of the bike action have to get back to school. The finish is in the north of Germany” – the initiator of the bike tour pointed out. The completing stage of the worldwide bike tour is planned for the next year.

 The Authorized consultant of the President of Ukraine Nikolay Kuleba thanked the organizers for this initiative. According to his information presently in the orphanages of Ukraine 93000 kids live, they have no family and in fact have no chance for a future of full value. Also it was mentioned at the press conference that every 3 days one child dies in an orphanage due to loneliness and being without relates, due to a sickness or an accident. European countries forever said no to the orphanages and such form of raising kids and in such a way they rescued entire generations. And now for Ukraine on its way of integration to the EU the priority task is to provide the realization of rights of kids, and to make their life conditions closer to the European standards.

 According to the vice president of the Alliance “Ukraine without orphans” Oleg Shelashsky, the kids that are in orphanages and were taken there by living parents don’t receive social skills necessary for a person for living in society. Besides on leaving the orphanage children can’t find their place in the family since the connections were broken.

 The state spends a huge amount of money to cover the expenses of orphanages while they could just provide for the families to do everything which is necessary for a child to stay in family and in the community.