The pilgrims are entering the new life

For the staff and for the children of the “Republic Pilgrim” the graduation is a special experience and an important stage in the rehabilitation of difficult teens. When looking at smart suits and beautiful dresses, nice hairstyles and solemn look of the guys the teachers wonder – it is hard to believe that they cope to finish school. Many of them never used to study some of them dropped the school due to their amoral conduct and also because they missed lessons or didn’t do well or even were a step from getting to jail. 

Each certificate of every pilgrim is a huge victory of the entire personnel who invested their love, efforts, time, patience and finances in each of the guys.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the principle of the center “Republic Pilgrim”:“In the process of everyday work with children we don’t notice gradual changes. They seem to us natural but when looking at our graduates who would never finish school had they been in other circumstances, you realize that it’s a real miracle”!

The teachers back then saw before them the faces of the children who have got to Pilgrim for the first time. They were not used to study, didn’t understand their responsibility and ignored all possible rules. And now their faces are full of joy of getting their first document about education. It is a result of their decision to start new life, of their overcoming themselves.

All the staff of the charity fund “Pilgrim”, children’s center “Pilgrim” wishes the guys to make their choice of their future profession and most importantly for them not to lose those victories over themselves they had here.

And the fund keeps supporting as needed the graduates who went to the new level of their life.