The participants of the bike ride, “Russia without orphans” passed through Penza

International cycling race "Russia without orphans" - is not just an outreach campaign, but former orphans themselves, children who are now in foster homes, made a desiccation to do

They drove all over Ukraine and Russia conquered challenged roads. Now their way is through Penza. Bread and salt are always welcomed in this big family of former street children

Former street children calling a pastor from Mariupol, Gennadiy Mokhnenko, briefly and succinctly – Daddy. He is a father to 31 foster children.” A12-15 years ago on the streets of my city was a huge number of street children. We opened a rehabilitation center and began to take children of drug addicts and alcoholics off the streets. Working with them, we saw that taking them back to orphanages is not an option, so I started to take children in the family “- told the founder of the family’s home “ Gvardiya” Gennadiy Mokhnenko.

31st son he picked up on the street. The child had some challenges, and teachers and psychologists gave no hope for his future. The guy was stealing, and a substance abuse problem, and all the time ran from the orphanages.
Now Nikolay is unrecognizable. He started to learn better in school, on the fly catches every word of his mentor, demonstrates great deal creativity.
The following year, an expedition led by Gennadiy Mokhnenko will continue their conquest to Siberia and the Ural, and then – to Europe. The task is – by the example to show that children can and should be taken in the family and the only effective remedy to treat – is love.

“Our route is always accompanied by the amazing stories. I think it’s a great material for a touching book, “- said the head of the” Russia without orphans” Ivan Iklyushkin (St. Petersburg).

In Penza large family will stay a little more than a day, then go to Ekaterinburg. There unusual cyclists, which Ukrainian journalists have long named “Angels raid”, as usual will be welcomed with bread and salt.