The “Pilgrim” was visited my honored citizens.

The team from the partner churches of the U.S. state of North Carolina has long been not only partners but also good friends for the children and staff of the center of children's rehabilitation "Republic Pilgrim". For more than six years Chernous family with their children and friends leave everything and come to Ukraine to take the time for children of “ Republic Pilgrim”, where for many years they are honorary citizens. 

This year the team has once again visited the “Republic Pilgrim” in Mariupol, and went along with all children to Crimea, where on the Baydarskaya Valley for many years in a row for the former street children charity fund “Pilgrim” holds camp “Mountains Conquerors .”

American friends came with great responsibility for this trip, planned it long: formed a team, collected donations to come and serve the children. The program works with children make in advance: Lily Chernous closely following the events in the “Republic Pilgrim”, reading news online, consults with the director of the center Tatiana Karpukhin, who approves plans and ideas.

The main objective of the three-day program in Mariupol – teach children biblical principals through performances and theater productions, giving children the opportunity to participate in each scene. According to Lily Chernous, thanks to this approach to biblical truth, the children have a better understanding instructive and spiritual meaning of many stories.

Pilgrims were divided into teams and in small groups with a mentor, they studied different Bible stories. The program also meant learning English, working circle ballet, singing with learning songs in English, theater and sports circle, called “Health”. All the knowledge and skills children obtained were able to practice and demonstrate in the Crimean camp “Conquerors of the top.”

Little citizens of “Republic Pilgrim” were delighted with the rich and vibrant program prepared especially for them. The kids loved learning English in an active form in the form of songs, recitation, in motion. They enjoyed making different crafts and, of course, plays, in which each pilgrim took part with a genuine interest and enthusiasm.

Lily Chernous, Team Leader: “This long-term partnership with the State of the former street has long developed into a good friendship, and we feel we are a part of this big family! I want to say that this work can not be done alone. This is a great blessing when you can work in a team, with people who will support you morally, spiritually, financially, will be praying for you, when you can discuss ideas and share experiences. We want to transfer this experience to a new generation of children with the Americans, not to forget their homeland. Every year we look forward to seeing with our friends from the “Republic Pilgrim” in order to serve them here and this is very good and inspiring – that children also are waiting for us to come!