The capital of Volga region welcomed a bike tour “A world without orphans”

Nizhniy Novgorod was visited by an unusual delegation of cyclists, according to RTR "Nizhniy Novgorod". All of them - foster fathers and their adopted children, in total more than a hundred people. This bike tour was launched in the framework of "A world without orphans." At the head of the this action was a pastor of the church in Mariupol and founder of the largest in the former Soviet Union rehabilitation center for children "Republic Pilgrim" - Gennady Mokhnenko - adoptive father dozens of children. On June 5 the bike tour begun to move from Kiev and finally they reached a Novgorod’s land. The correspondent of the program "Vesti - Volga region" saw how these sports families with children were welcomed in the capital of Volga region.

”An adopted child – not a burden, but the best companion”, the father of 31adopted children Gennady Mokhnenko assured us about that. His adopted children are always with him, both at home and in the campaign, and helping organize new plans. Together with his team, and many other adoptive fathers, he goes to cities and talks about his children and their past.  Gennady Mokhnenko is an organizer of the biking campaign under the framework of “A world without orphans”: “My adopted children grow up in the streets, someone from 4 years of age, and someone from 5, and some from 2.5 years old. They are very talented. For example, I am the only one in the family who can not cook. They all know how to cook, and of all that comes handy. They are very talented. ” Children who are growing up in orphanages – is the “golden fund” of Russia and Ukraine. If they would have a chance to be in families, they would become a wonderful people. His sons are easy to demonstrate the acrobatic elements, play musical instruments or sing better than pop stars. Boys themselves tell us that after they received a status family “children” that abruptly changed their lives.  A 14-year-old Nicholas said in an interview that after he adopted, he abandoned old habits and now wants to become an actor or a singer. While Nicholas just sneaks in “star” route, an older adopted son of Gennady – a former street kid Andrew – has become a hero of the documentary film. The picture under the symbolic title “Brilliant from the basement,” withdrew Ukrainian director Tatiana Navina. The woman could not go past by a wonderful story of this family. Tatiana Navina, the director of “Diamond in the basement”: “It so happened that I walked into a cafe and saw a bright man who had many children. When I listened to his story, my eyes filled with tears, and I had the idea to go to a movie. ” Now Tatiana goes together with a large family. She travels with a “World without orphans “campaign, and plan to make informative film. Over the shoulders of brave bikers thousands of kilometers of cycling and a dozen cities. All families with children talk about their idea and a dream a “World without orphans”. Nizhniy Novgorod has been their eleventh destination. Bogdan Mokhnenko, a member of biking team of “A world without orphans”: “We have a big dream – which the world would be without orphans. We encourage people to take children in the families. ” The length of biking is more than two thousand kilometers. It will be held in 14 cities of Russia and Ukraine. As the organizers say, is just the beginning of a global movement to solve the problem of orphans in the world. In the future, the participants are planning to travel to new cities, to bring his main idea: Russia and Ukraine – are countries where there should be no more orphans.столица-приволжья-приняла-велотур-в-р