The pilgrims catch up with the basic knowledge skills

Every year the school graduation of the kids of “Republic Pilgrim” is a touching and joyous moment at the same time. The guys always remain in the hearts of those who took part in making the difference in their life. And even after many years they gladly come to Pilgrim for a visit.

The educators admitted that this year the graduates are of the most complicated for a long time. This is why the key issue of the year was to “catch up with the basic knowledge skills”. Many of the students were not accustomed to study at all.  They lived antisocial life where only street taught them life and this is why the kids couldn’t easily find themselves within the teaching process. It was hard for teachers, mentors and the kids themselves. The adolescents couldn’t see themselves in future, had no idea what they want to become and the whole term “profession” was unreachable for them. But nevertheless the graduates of the 9th form realized how important studies are for their further life and in spite of having zero knowledge they managed to study well enough to get the certificate. Consistency and efforts they made at their lessons helped them to develop endurance, skills of restraining themselves, being smart and having self control. 

 « Before I got to Pilgrim I attended school just a few times. I had neither hobbies nor a dream. Now I have a dream to be a cook on a ship and to see many countries. I know what to aspire to and I have a great desire to be useful in our society. This center made me self confident and now I realize that in order to achieve your goals you need both to have a desire and to make efforts”- shared one of the graduates 

The management of the Center put their hearts to organize a very special and an unforgettable graduation prom for the guys. All the graduates got their graduation albums and had their party in a very comfy place. They remembered funny episodes of their staying at Pilgrim, told about their future plans and about the changes they experienced within this academic year. 

 Presently the graduates have passed their graduation exams successfully and many of them come back to their restored families. The Pilgrim Staff has an assurance that the seed they sowed will bring its fruits.