The rivers of water in the“Pilgrim village”

All the villagers are in great need of water since there is no water supply there. Normally to solve the problem each separate owner of the house needs to dif their own well to be able to have drinking water. But to have one’s own well is too expensive this is why such a thing is considered a luxury here.

For foster homes and rehab centers in Chervonoe village water means drinking water for home, watering of the vegetable gardens and ultimately readiness to supply themselves with vegetables. Water is life and each house in the “Pilgrim village” needs it.

The issue that the workers of the charity fund “Pilgrim” came across if the depth where one can find water here. It must be over 100meters (328 Ft) – only at such length the water is found that can be used for drinking and preparing food as well as for laundry and bathing and watering of gardens. This very factor of depth is the most critical since it demands all of funds.

But now after some personal donations of people the wells have started to be dug and there is a hope that the “Pilgrim village” will be supplied with water soon.

Alexander Matyushin, a manager of the project “Young mother” at the charity fund “Pilgrim”: « presently one of the well is 80% ready and the first liters of water were taken up, the issue is the water is so deep there was another well we were digging but we haven’t managed to find water there though. So our second try was more successful but we still need to dig the well deeper. After the team of workers accomplishes the task the water will be directed through the pipes to the houses”.