“Republic Pilgrim” is expanding its territories

The children from Republic Pilgrim are finally having their own economy – wonderful project for work and leisure. It is based on the house for older pilgrims since there is not enough space for all of them in the basic building for children. The guys gained experience in how to deal with a village house like that – how to heat up the house with the help of the stove and how to cook on domestic stove, how to maintain the order in the house and sure enough how to work in the field. The settings of the government of the Republic took place there several times and also they just gather there for tea parties.

It is important to take into consideration that not all of the kids had skills with how to take care of the village house, not all of them knew how to heat up such a house and not all of the kids knew how to work on land. But everyone chose something they would like to learn and would like to do in order to enjoy the holiday house.

As soon as the weather let it the sowing brigade of Pilgrim armed with working tools have gone to the village to get the soil prepared for sowing seeds. They worked hard and their work was noticed by other people who decided to help them with potatoes and seeds to be planted. Some farmers from the Greek village Sartana (suburbs of Mariupol) have promised to help by the mid April with the seeds of pepper, egg-plants and tomatoes.

And presently one part of the land was given for some fruit trees to be planted there and they have planted 16 trees already – an apple- tree, a pear- tree, a cherry – tree, a plum- tree, an apricot- tree and several berry bushes. At the rest of the land the kids have planted a bit of corn, peas, carrots, beet roots, some dill, and some radish and over 6 sacks of potatoes. Though it is not so easy to work on land the kids still love going there to the “Pilgrim village” where one part of them stays now. They also plan to set up two small green houses on that piece of land in the nearest future.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the Principle of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”: “Our land projects can’t stop surprising us. It is not so easy to work on land but the kids show much interest. It has a lot of variety of work this is why everyone just chooses something they would enjoy – some choose cooking, some sowing, some building and some cleaning around. It is a big joy for all the pilgrims! We will be glad to see guests there in the fall when it will be a harvest time!”

It is worth mentioning that the kids don’t do the building stuff on their own, there are a lot of volunteers from the fund “Pilgrim”. Each Saturday the group of volunteers goes there doing some work that would demand too much time if the children themselves had to do that. They have made the foundation for the future house extending part and the future sauna. They also did a great part of getting prepared the soil for putting the water pipe into the house.