The “scheduled feat” again! The fifth stage of the worldwide bike action “The world without orphans!”

In Summer 2017 the group of the former orphans and their adoptive parents from Ukraine will continue their worldwide bike tour “The World without orphans!” with the vision about the world where there are no lonely kids. Having ridden through the entire Ukraine, Russia and a part of Europe for the last 5 years the former street kids show by their own example how life of an abandoned kid can change after he or she was taken to a loving family. They also call unto people on behalf of those kids who need caring parents. This year the team is going to complete the fifth stage of the worldwide bike action on the Eurasian continent crossing Germany, Switzerland and France.

The worldwide bike action “The World without orphans!” is organized under the management of the pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko – the director of “Republic Pilgrim” the largest rehab program for street kids in Ukraine. Since 2000 more than 3000 adolescents went through this program. 60% of the kids could go back to their biological families, many kids were adopted or taken under guardianship or fostered. Gennadiy and his wife Olena became parents for 33 kids that had been previously abandoned.

«My adopted kids used to live on street. Some of them were at the age of 4 and we knew that if we wouldn’t have taken them the most of them will ultimately find themselves in prison”, – Gennadiy Mokhnenko shares.

He realizes that his family is not a typical pattern of adoption of children but he firmly believes that everyone can do something for orphans.

The purpose of the worldwide bike tour “The world without orphans!” is to stand for hundreds of thousands of abandoned kids all over the Earth, to popularize the idea of national adoption as well as to prompt the Christian community to search for the solution of the problems of orphanhood in our world.

 This year the cyclist will continue their way from the German town Bochum where the previous stage had stopped, they will cross the South of Germany, will ride through Switzerland and will complete their way in the French port city St. Nazaire. The route promises to be rather hard. Long alpine mountain passes are waiting for the guys, but the dream of the world without orphans gives strength not to retreat before difficulties. On the way the children will take part in a number of public events and press conferences, as well as meet with foster parents from all over Europe.

The bicycle race “The world without orphans” is very important, because the main reason why people do not adopt children is their ignorance. Wherever this campaign takes place, it encourages people to think about adoption. As a result of previous worldwide stages, thousands of children around the world have obtained real parents.