The visa free regime works even for former street kids!

At this time last year my guys experienced a serious shock (I have 32 adopted kids). When we approached the Polish border within our worldwide bike action “The World without orphans!” the passports of the half of the team arrived without visas in them. It was a knockdown.

We understood why they refused to give them visa. My guys who grew up on street don’t have estate, bank accounts, wives, children and cool working places. But still it was not easy to handle this “bureaucratic crook in the lot”. Before that the boys crossed on their bikes the entire Ukraine and Russia from Vladivostok with the call to adoption. They surely dreamt about the European stages.

Thus, last year only a half of the team could continue the worldwide bike tour. We crossed 10 more countries, through Poland, the Baltic countries, Scandinavia and entered Germany.

Tonight on our way to Europe the team was worrying a lot. Will the visa free regime work for all the guys or a part of them won’t be able to be with us in the journey for reasons mentioned above. But our fears were vain!!! The entire team (27 people) crossed the border!!! The visa free regime works even for the former street kids!!!)))

Thus we are heading towards our dream about “The world without orphans!” We encourage people to adopt children, to empty orphanages and to take children into families!

 We have 20000 km behind us, 11 countries and hundreds of orphans who were taken to families by those who heard us… We will add 2500 km to the distance in one month and three more states… we will cross through Germany, Switzerland and France. There is Bavaria, the Alps, Paris and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean ahead of us. Wish good luck to us in the worldwide bike action of the former street kids!!!