The State of Former Street kids help handicapped children and homeless people

One of the basic tasks in upbringing of difficult adolescents – to teach them to notice and to remember not only their own difficulties and they have a lot of them behind their back but also to learn to respond to the need and pain of other people. It forms in them a sacrificial heart and a good character. Practice showed that it is not hard to implement these qualities to them since the pilgrims are very responsive. When they see that they are treated well they joyfully start helping others.

There are enough places where one can show mellowness and responsiveness. For instance, the pilgrims have been partnering with the center for children with disabilities “believe in you” for a long time. The pilgrims prepare theatre shows, interactive games and some presents to the big holidays. The guys serve these kids with great joy showing limitless tact and attention to the kids in this center. The children of the center “Believe in yourself”, the parents and the director know “Pilgrim” and always warmly receive the guests with their good mission. Such events stay in the memory of both partakers and spectators for long.

 This winter in Mariupol has been rather cold and there are some tents for warming up set up around the city where people can come if they have no place to go. These are the people with different stories and but every one of them found themselves in a very difficult situation. The pilgrims decided not to stay aside but to serve here too. The former street kids took patronage over one of such tents and a number of times they brought warm lunches, sweets and clothes there. The kids put    special attention in such visits to the prayer for those who turned out to be in a touch situation and ask God to solve the unfavorable situations in their lives as soon as possible.

 Perhaps die to the difficulties they went through in their own lives the kids are very open hearted and ready to be the answer to somebody’s needs. This sincere desire to help and to support those in need really inspires and gives hope that they will grow up partial and won’t pass by somebody’s pain.