Free delivery of gifts to the edge of the world

Annual mission of the pastor - pilgrim Gennadiy Mokhnenko to the Equator could not leave the kids of “Republic Pilgrim” indifferent. The pilgrims have been supporting the orphanages in Africa “Oasis of hope” and “Gilgal” for a few years now, sending gifts to the children living at the other edge of the earth.

This time the government of the Republic also declared about the collection of the gifts for the African children. The pilgrims collected toys, stationeries, clothes and sports items: balls, boxing gloves, badminton. For us it seems ordinary stuff but for the kids in Africa it is unseen luxury. The former street kids share what they have and they are convinced that it will be in use and will bring joy to the kids in need in Kenya.

It is quite important that the children learn to share what they have and even if they live a humble life here but still the life of African kids is much tougher.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the director of the center of children’s rehabilitation “ Republic Pilgrim”: “ The kids collected gifts for the kids in need in Africa, they chose best of what they have and they have a great desire to share with those whose life seems to be much harder than theirs”.

The pilgrims prayed for the trip of Gennadiy Mokhnenko to the Equator and for the gifts they prepared bring joy to the kids there and also for more people to see the need and respond to it for the situation in Africa to get better.

The long term friends of “Republic Pilgrim” from the center for kids with disabilities “Believe in yourself” having got to know about the action “Free delivery of gifts to the edge of the world” didn’t stay aside but also collected toys for the kids in Kenya.

Olena Kravchenko, the director of the center “Believe in yourself”: “Our kids took part in the action “The gift for kids in Africa” We altogether made a decision that we want to share what other children give to the kids from our center. We teach them that it is important not only to be able to receive but also to give. Our kids that have some peculiarities of their health, intellectual problems or problems of physical character nevertheless have good hearts and would love to share their kindness with the kids who live in Africa”.

The children show by their own example that one doesn’t need to have much money to be able to help, it is more important to have good and generous heart.