Arrival.. Death… Feat..

The reading is dangerous not only for health. The African dairy of the pastor – pilgrim.

My next (I lost the count a few years ago) trip to the Equator has started. My team and I left for the edge of the world and within the very first day we crossed twice the Zero Line that encircles our incredible house – the Globe. The expression “ to the edge of the world” can be used to the Equator even to the bigger extent than to the Poles. The commission of Christ to carry the Gospel to the edge of the world would be interpreted wrongly if we understood it as carrying it to the North Pole. As we know there are not so many subjects to testify to there.… A couple of polars explorers and penguins. As for the latter the patriarch Kirill has recently been actively involved in their evangelism so we can leave them on the Moscow patriarchy with pure conscience and to work on the equatorial latitudes. Mariupol – Zaporozhye – Kiev – Amsterdam – Kissumu – 24 hours on the way and we are in the very western part of Kenya. Here by the Lake Victoria at the border on Uganda and Tanzania the fantastic team of Ukrainians has been working for a few years now. But we’ll talk about them a bit later. We’ve just landed. No adventures on the way if not to take into consideration the fact that I left my passport at the customs, Sasha left his cell phone in the plane and after changing planes I found out that I hold in my hand somebody else’s carryon luggage. But don’t worry the real owner (I hope it was truly him))) was found. I’d like to confess – I sinned against Kenyan Airlines – I didn’t switch off my laptop while we were landing. . But they are also “good”, there was no water in the toilet of the aircraft and the door was not closed. I had to hold it with my foot. So let’s assume that we’re even with the airline ….)))

We arrived in Kissumu. 8am but it was already very hot. I know exactly what the temperature will be like in 3 hours; the new people in the team have no idea yet))) We have bananas for breakfast and someone from our team get a revelation that all his life he ate them not ripe!!! I don’t want to offend the reader in Europe and the US but it’s true. What you eat at home is faded grass. The real bananas are here!!!))) That very morning we heard a bad news. Sammy that was meeting us in Neirobi told us that one of the boys in the orphanage died. ( on the picture he is smiling on the laps) He was an invalid as the most of the kids in her “Precious Kids Center”. The liquid was occupying half of his head and he was doomed a few years ago, he was simply thrown away. But in Sammy’s house he got all he needed for normal life and the most important – love and care from the Christians who help to look after the sick kids that were abandoned. I remember this boy from my visit last year. They say he always smiled just like he did on this picture. When arrived to Kissumu we went to the Antonets family who founded here Mission Assistance 3 years ago. ) When you read about the heroes of faith in historical book you need to remember that they live on the earth right now and make their deeds of faith. The family of Rostislav and Iryna are surely among them. They do incredible work here on the black continent. The children’s house of family type where the abandoned kids found their shelter, the school for poor kids from slums, teenage clubs for the children from the local slums and the wonderful church they found here – it is just the part of the fantastic work they do here. I warned you that the reading of this diary is dangerous. The story of this family is a bright confirmation of it. Many years ago when I first came here they read my blog several times while living in Ukraine. And then they sold out all their belongings!!!! (it turns out such things happened not only in the book of Acts) they came here and settled here to devote themselves to saving the kids on the equator. What they do here can be called in simple words – the Feat!!!