The way from illiterate street kid to the choreographer.

10 – year-old Alexey (the name is changed) got to Pilgrim with severe educational neglect. He couldn’t focus, couldn’t express his thought, he could barely read and was hardly socially adapted. Within the two years in Pilgrim the boy has gained dreams, goals and desire to successfully accomplish them.

In 2016 the management of one of Mariupol boarding schools  where 10-year-old Alexey was on the list turned for help to the Center of children’s rehabilitation “ Republic Pilgrim”. The boy hardly ever came to school and if he did he came neglected, dirty, exhausted and hungry. He almost didn’t communicate with his peers.

 His brief life was already full of tragedies. His mother due to alcohol abuse lost her health and now disabled, his father by that time had been above 60, he also had alcoholic addiction and soon died. Since the family had no income, the mother with her son would beg on street s. And due to the long staying on street at the cold weather Alexey got a chronicle disease which up until now disturbs him a lot in spite of the permanent treatment.

 Beside the health issues educators and teachers discovered that the boy has a very deep pedagogical neglect. He could barely read and didn’t want to have a contact with other people. 

 However during the period of his staying in the rehab center many things changed. Alexey goat adapted to the new place and people rather quickly and has many friends now. He also has an obvious progress in his study. Even though not everything is so easy for him the bio tries his best to keep up with his classmates. Beside that everyone in the center noticed how talented the boy is. He takes an active part in all events of the “Republic Pilgrim”, revealing his new creative gifts and he even does the choreographing of the shows. The teachers also point out that the boy gained dreams and goals in his life. He plans to graduate from school successfully to learn to become a professional dancer, to travel and to see the world.

 There’s also really good news – his mother decided to change her life and to have a course of rehabilitation to get rid of her alcoholic addiction. The boy prays hard for her decision to be solid, for her to restore her life completely, to find a job for them to be able to live together again.