The first real Christmas for the former street kids.

The Christmas and the New Year’s vacation starting with the St. Nikolai’s day is truly a magic time. But many kids from the Republic Pilgrim in their lives where their experienced much suffering had no idea what the celebration meant. This is why such holidays are so emphasized here.

Angela from Pilgrim is saying; “Before getting to Pilgrim I never celebrated anything. In my family we didn’t celebrate my birthday. I take part in all celebrations here and I enjoy it so much!” The director of the center “Republic Pilgrim”. 

Tatyana Karpukhina: “Not only for Angela but for many kids it is the first and incredible experience of celebration and alongside with people who really care we can create for the kids a real atmosphere of this magic holiday with festive tables, with gifts and surprises. Without the help of people with generous hearts we wouldn’t be able to arrange it all for the kids”.

 In their turn the kids are ready to open up and to give a part of their nature. Of their talents, to demonstrate what was deposited in them and to create with the heart full of gratitude. This time the creative breakthrough led to the mesmerizing Christmas story of Cinderella. For about a month the kids and teens have prepared and have consulted the script, have made an incredible setting and have chosen costumes. All the kids of the center were involved in the process. It’s worth mentioning that the mentors try their best to include in the creative process kids who have just got to the Pilgrim. It surely contributes to their quick rehabilitation and adaptation. It changes their attitude to life and it gives them back hope and self confidence.  Besides when a child try on himself a positive part in the piece of drama he feels he is capable to experience changes. The pedagogues and educators noticed it and they are certain that the method proved to be effective again and again.

 This time the management of the secondary school, teachers and leaders of leisure clubs, the representatives of the social services, friends, relatives of the kids of the center, those who see in them incredible changes, gathered together in the party hall of Pilgrim. This time the hall was not enough to house all the guests. This is why the kids will show the performance also in the Center for kids with disabilities “Believe in yourself” and in the project of the Fund “The Young mother”. 

Tatyana Karpukhina: “The holidays are just gaining momentum and we are coming up to the real miracle of Christmas. Due to this atmosphere the kids who had never seen any good and light have a chance to feel that somebody cares for them and that they are loved, that they are talented and ultimately it radically changes the kids’ attitude to life. We thank again and again all those people who take part in changing lives of these kids!”