“We have worked hard and have inspired to defend our country”. The pastor from Mariupol told how the former street kids strengthened the trenches.

Today the kids of the “Republic Pilgrim” ahead with Pastor Gennadiy headed to the defensive positions at the shore of the Azov Sea.

More than 60 teenagers decided to clean overgrown trenches, dugouts and other fortifications.  It was caused by the previous day’s attack on the Ukrainian ships by the Russian Federation in Kerch Strait and the exacerbation of the situation in the Sea of Azov. 

Gennadiy Mokhnenko emphasized that the defense line on the seashore is not active, it is potential this is why it is safe for kids to be there. There were mostly older teens working but there were also some younger ones among them. The militaries were very grateful to the “pilgrims” for their help. 

The soldiers have plenty of combat missions now and this is why we came to help them with the trenches. According to him it was not one time action, they are going to continue to strengthen the redoubts around Mariupol. “We have worked hard and have inspired to defend our country”.- Gennadiy Mokhnenko said and reminded  of 2014 when the mariupolites went out to dig the trenches at the community “ Vostochnyi” and among them in the forefront there were the pilgrims.