Pilgrims – sixties.

One of the events of great scale of the year is the Fall Ball. The kids prepare it and then take part in it with a great pleasure. It is a remarkable event for kids and teens. This fall ball has been in the style of 60-es.

It turned out to be that this remote time of the previous century is close to the kids’ hearts since they loved its colorful outfits, joyous atmosphere and fiery jazz motives that can ignite any heart.

 Even while still rehearsing the kids had a great time of humor, discoveries and revealing new talents. For instance, it was the first time when they sang in French and showed tricks for the first time too. This is why they needed a proper preparation. There were also interactive contests included and each guest could take part and get a nice prize.

 The guys learnt some popular colloquial songs of the 60-es and performed some dancing show at the musical hits of that decade. The performances were accompanied with pictures of real young people living at that time. There were a lot of scene lights and illumination as well as the setting made by the kids themselves. It all let the kids and guests dive into the atmosphere of that era.

 The guys invited the coaches of their sports club, their school friends and teachers for the first time. The win-win lottery was arranged and each present kid received an individual gift.  At the end of the party there was a café opening where the kids surprised everyone with their cooking talents – they served self-made pies, cookies and bakery of all kinds. It all also contributed to making the atmosphere of a cozy autumn night of the 60-es. 

 The concert was breathtaking and all the guests were very impressed and full of new experiences.

 This event helped the guys and the guests to realize that at whatever time a person lives everyone wants to love and to be loved, to live happily, full of joy and to enjoy the bright moments of life alongside with friends and close people.