To live or to survive on the street

How can 11-year-old child adjust to severe circumstances his own mother condemned him. What does Daniel think and dream about after experiencing much more struggles than many adults?

It is the second time for Daniel in the Pilgrim. First time he got here because his Mom was a drinker, didn’t work and there were no living conditions in their home. This is why the 11-year- old fellow wandered the streets where he had to starve and to beg for food. The boy felt as an outcast in school this is why he did not attend classes.

In the Center Daniel had easily adapted, he had became a part of the collective, showed himself as a friendly, hardworking boy and even though he hasn’t achieved high results in  his studies, he earned a hood reputation in school and received only positive characteristics from the teachers.

In 2 years his mother decided to take him back to the family, though the management of the center doubted it was a good idea. However the restoration of families is always number one priority, the boy had be taken home.

 Soon his life home became as it had been before. His mother found another co-habitant and left with him leaving Daniel on his own.

 Daniel had to find food to survive, he found metal and sold it. He got in touch with local minor criminals and continued living on the street. He was waited by only endless nightmare and hopelessness.

Social services asked the center of children’s rehabilitation to receive the boy again. His mother was not going to improve and social care had to turn to the court to deprive her of maternal rights. Due to the delay in bureaucratic system the boy still can’t get his papers to find a new family.

 But Daniel does not feel upset; he enjoys his every day in the Pilgrim and calls it his real home. He prefers not to remember his past because each time he does it he flinches with horror. Despite of lots of trials he clearly sees his future and shows his talents every day. He is a minister of sports and tourism of the republic and he does his duties very well. Daniel is very efficient and grasps new skills very fast.  He takes an active part in the construction and repair works. It is not a problem for him to fix a bike or a water tap. He even tried to drive and did it well. He dreams to become a mechanic in future and to deal with cars.

The adolescent had to grow up all too quickly and to take responsibility for his life that is why he appreciates a lot when he is given care and good treatment. He is thankful for attention and help that is rendered to him here. He doesn’t strife at all and has a grown-up approach to life circumstances. The mentors and teachers of the Pilgrim hope so much for it to become a good push forward for Daniel and he will continue achieving good results.