Homeless Christmas

The most bright, dreamy and loved holidays for children are definitely Christmas holidays! At this time you can feel this good festive mood, kids receive many presents, surprises and gather around the table to have a good meal and have lots of fun. All of these things build an atmosphere of a holiday, that is something new in lives for most of the citizens of the State of Former Homeless, and what they have never felt before.

 Pilgrims always eagerly wait for their New Years trip! It is very important to leave the region with never ending war and shooting, to become a part of a real Christmas fairytale. this time Pilgrims packed their backpacks and embarked on adventures to the Capital City. Mostly all of the children in Pilgrim visited Kyiv for the first time and they were friendly hosted at social center «Fathers House». 

  Children found themselves in the atmosphere of peace and holidays. Bright lazer shows, fairs, concerts and visit to the main Christmas tree of the country on Sofievska square. Made a photo with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, prayed for peace in Ukraine and «Republic Pilgrim». For this period of time they visited «a city of professions», aqua-park, entertainment center with attractions and museums, including a museum of «dynamo» football club. 

  Kids with pastor Gennadiy visited long-waited McDonalds and it was the first time there for many of them. Also ate some popcorn while watching movie at cinema.

After this bright and unforgettable adventure Children have spent their New Years eve in their hometown. Served holiday tables and organized a competitive program. pilgrims not only received presents but also granted others with their presents too. For example, organized Christmas theatrical performance for the club of children with disabilities «believe in yourself». They were also singing songs and carols together. 

Kids got a huge charge of positive,joy and magic. These holidays and all of the new experiences our pilgrims will carry through all of their lives.