The pre-election debate and videos promoting those who ran for President predestined the turn of the presidential race in the “Republic Pilgrim”.

The main event of the year for the State of former street kids is the elections of government. It is always a frustrating moment since not everyone can nominate for the elections. There are a whole lot of demands to a candidate. Those who nominate are best of the best. This year there was an innovation that let the elections be even more exciting.

The entire Republic is on the move, the partakers of the pre- election race find the way to attract the voters to their side, and they make up the pre-election programs which they present to the citizens of the Republic 10 days before the elections. And then everyone can think it over and make their choice.

 The innovation of the year was the debate between the candidates which had approximately the same rating and who are of the same age category. The most urgent questions were prepared for them by the citizens of the Republic Pilgrim. Their answers could attract attention to a definite candidate or to make someone interested in seeing this person on the position. The kids prepared video where they could reveal what they are and who they are in a brighter way.

 The elections coincided with a visit of the guests from the US and they were not only international observers but directly took part in voting. They could read the programs of the candidates and could make their own thoughtful and independent decision which told on the results of the vote.

 This year the head of the election committee was the President of the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” Gennadiy Mokhnenko who personally monitored the process of voting.

 The committee drew a conclusion that the election went in a proper way, without falsifications and violations.

 According to the results of the vote the post of the President of the Republic Pilgrim was taken by Kirill Lyebedev. The teenager gained authority in the republic, in the youth ministry of the church, he showed himself as a responsible person and he shows interest in the development of the state of former street kids.

 The inauguration of the president took place right away after the votes had been calculated and also they prayed for the blessing of the Lord over the renewed government.

It is worth mentioning that due to the tough military situation in our area the department of war chaplains is open in the government of the republic. The guys who became chaplains plan to go see patients in hospitals and pray for them and also they plan to organize concerts for militaries and for the inhabitants of the pre front villages.