The Autumn Ball of the pilgrims with chocolate and musical mood.

The final part of the fall this year was marked by a special event in the “Republic Pilgrim” – by the Autumn Ball. Each citizen of the Republic took part in it and showed his or her multiple talents.

Some recited poems, some prepared dances and some musical pieces but nevertheless the very zest of the program were the direct participants of the contest “Mister and Miss of the Autumn” where 6 couple were fighting to receive this high title. The partakers had to show a romantic image of the fall in the dancing contest, the contest of the improvised piece of Drama as well as in making up a bouquet of fresh and natural material.

Impartial and serious jury which contained of the teachers and the head teacher gave them points for each contest. But it was so hard to determine the winner. The couples were prepared on a very high level and they could create a real autumn romantic and subtle atmosphere of the fall ball.

 One couple distinguished themselves from everyone else. All the present ones agreed with it. Daniel and Tatyana conquered the hearts of the jury with their style, level of preparation, with their mood and harmony in each contest and they surely got the titles of Mr. and Miss of the Autumn. All the other couple also received memorable prizes.

 The audience of the event was the staff of the center, the teachers of the local secondary school, mothers with their kids from the project “ I am growing with my Mom” supported by the Charity Fund “ Pilgrim” and some relatives of the pilgrim kids.

 Every guest could take part in the contests and to get an invitation to the chocolate bar where the pilgrims met them with the chocolate treats. What can bring more comfortable and warm atmosphere in a rainy cold day than a cup of hot chocolate in a circle of friends!?

 The pilgrims confirmed that autumn is not the season of gloom and doom. It is the time for creativity, warmth and smiles. And the atmosphere of the holiday created by the children will stay in the hearts of the guests for a long time!