Rescuers, forward!

The children of the “Republic Pilgrim” always take part in the events of the city this is why the  Rescuer’s day was not an exception.

In the local theatre dozens of fire fighters of Mariupol have gathered – together – those who fight with the fire and rescue people in all kinds of emergencies.

 Within the Rescuer’s day of Ukraine there was an exhibition of firefighting equipment and the kids of Pilgrim and other children’s institutions could look at it and touch it. The pilgrims were even allowed to sit at the steering wheel of the firefighting truck and on the firefighting ladder. The kids could also try on the uniform of firefighters and they were delighted to do it.

The emergency service and Republic Pilgrim has been having friendly relationship and cooperation for years.  Many times they came to Pilgrim to do lectures how to fight with fire, how to cease fire, to inform and to prevent the emergency.

However, as the mentors point out as well as the rescuers themselves it may take a long time to tell how one can rescue someone’s life and how to prevent a danger that can be found at any step of the road, but such an event when the kids could personally try on the uniform of a rescuer, to feel themselves as firefighters was having a great success.