When the coffin with his mother was being buried 13-year-old Kolya yelled – “Stop it, idiots! What are you doing?”

Kolya Rykov is one of the boys from “Pilgrim” whose rehabilitation doesn’t go that easy. Constant life stresses led him out of his house before and out of the orphanage afterwards. These days there was one more hit from life – he lost his mother.

Kolya Rykov got to “Pilgrim” three years ago. One day his Mom came from the Western Ukraine and stayed in Mariupol, started new life here. Kolya was born here and didn’t know his dad from the very birth. His childhood was tough from the very beginning; his mother would drink and beg. But she never left the kid on his own. But it made things even worse. At the age of 2, 5 Kolya was all alone , having proper street life. Since 4 Kolya lived in container.

In a time the mother was deprived of paternal rights and the boy was taken to the state orphanage. His mother was taken from street to rehab center and she was offered rehab course. She agreed. After difficult way of rehabilitation on standing on your feet the woman took Kolya from the orphanage, got an apartment from the state and put her life together to some extent. But the teen son was already out of control. Street life made him unmanageable, toxic addiction, regular escapes from home.

While being in rehab center the woman heard about Republic Pilgrim and brought her son there immediately. She did her best to take care of him, she bought him some new clothes and food at times. She was a proper believer, prayed to God, read Bible, wrote poems and really believed that her son will change his conduct. The church folks knew her well and she was loved by people she had a very good heart regardless of all the tough stuff she went through.

However the rehabilitation of Kolya wasn’t too easy – he would run away quite frequently. The mentors in the Pilgrim tried to find approach, gave him responsibility – Kolya was voted to be a part of government of the republic. But such getting offs periodically changed with falling downs. His mother could barely bear the misfortunes of her son and at times relapsed and started drinking again. The last escape of the boy she couldn’t handle, it was too long. She kept saying he wasn’t alive anymore and there’s no chance to find him. So she started drinking heavily. The workers of rehab center tried hard to bring her back to the rehab center but Raisa wouldn’t even open her door to them. She opened her door only when she heard that Kolya is found and he’s here by the door. So she was taken to Pilgrim, came to senses. But the stress she had passed through did its job, she kept saying she was going to die soon. She assured that she knew for sure only Pilgrim could help her son to survive and to become a good person. She came back home and passed away in a few days.

The boys could hardly handle the death of his mother. Being a very emotional and unstable the fellow is under the instant eye of loving tutors and mentors. They don’t lose hope that he will change alongside with negative features he’s got loads of positive ones. He’s very curious and sociable, loves soccer, paints rather well. He has ahead of him quite a complicated stage of life – life without mother and all his destiny is at stake on what he is going to choose. The first good moment after such a psychological trauma in the life of Kolya was the good news that pastor Gennadiy, foster father for 30 children decided to take him into his family as well. The papers for guardianship are being done presently.