International visit to Republic Pilgrim from France

The dance band from France has come to visit Republic Pilgrim recently. The youth from France has been doing fundraising concerts to be able to come to Ukraine and to see “Republic Pilgrim”.

The children of “Republic Pilgrim” have been friends with Mariupol dance band “Azov seagulls” for quite a few years already. The young dancers not only come and talk to the kids from Pilgrim but they also render financial help. The band would buy washing liquids and blankets. One day “Azov seagulls” had rendered the support to raise money for one of foster house in the Chervone village.

This time Republic Pilgrim was really surprised. The leader of the band Raisa Gorbachyova with her daughter madam Irina Lezhe who lives in France and leads dance band there came along with the actual French band. Madam Lezhe told her band about Pilgrim couple times and this time they wanted to see it themselves. The money they raised they used to buy cleaning means for Pilgrim.

However the kids from Pilgrim were impressed by French. The guys were listening authentic French with interest and they even had learned some French words beforehand.

It turned out afterwards that one of the guests was seriously into football so on seeing football field in the yard of Pilgrim he started showing different tricks with the ball to the children. They ended up having international football match between Ukrainian and French teams. The language of football destroyed any language barrier between guys from France and the children from the state of former homeless kids.

The fellowship was going on in a very warm and friendly atmosphere. The guests didn’t want to leave and the pilgrims didn’t want to say goodbye either. But the French dancers promised to come again in 2 years.

At the end of the meeting the President of republic handed over to the band the certificate of honor for the investment in the work with street kids and the book “No pedagogical poem” by pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko with the autograph of the president of “Republic Pilgrim”.