A 6-year-old Sasha was staying at tubercular sanatorium for 48 months while other kids were spending there only one month. Her mother was a prostitute, she died and left her daughter with a horrible diagnosis – HIV of the 4th level and tuberculosis of bones. The doctors said directly that the girl has 2-3 years. Nevertheless the girl got a family for her 10th birthday. Now the parents have the task to make her life happy even if it is short…

It all began with the moment when the local social worker suddenly found abandoned case of the girl who orphaned at the age of 6. Having met Sasha and her sad story the woman decided she would find a family who’d adopt the girl. She has addressed at once to the Isayevs who have already adopted 4 kids with HIV+ status. In September Svetlana and Eugen went to the tubercular sanatorium to meet sasha. Since then they had no doubts – they are adopting here.

             In December 25th at Christmas Sasha entered her new home, where her new Mom and Dad live as well as 3 brothers and 3 sisters. They latest accepted her with a great delight.

             Svetlana Isayeva, adoptive Mom: “At the day when we were taking Sasha from the hospital coincided with her birthday (by the way, somehow it happens each time we adopt somebody) We bought her a Barbie with 4 dresses. She was crazy of joy. When we went to the market together she was amazed to see so many toys, she behaved like she had never before seen so many goods, like she was in a cage all her previous life. And at home she eats all the time, practically nonstop. Perhaps she was starving all these years”.

               The adoptive parents of Sasha want to believe that miracle will happen. God has already intervened in her destiny in a wonderful way. Probably, He’s got a plan for her complete healing. Svetlana and Eugen are certain that prayer makes miracles and that is why they ask all of us to join them in the prayer for their daughter who has a right for life and future.