World from Pilgrim’s prospective

One of these days the warding ceremony of the participants of the international exhibition of children’s painting “make the world better” took place in Mariupol in the exhibit center of Kuindji. Several winners are the children from “Republic “Pilgrim”.

There were represented the works of the children from the boarding schools, orphanages, rehab centers as well as handicapped children. As the organizers of the show pointed out that the children from “Republic “Pilgrim” the children from the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “ Pilgrim” took the most active part and some of them were awarded. The spectators liked most of all the works of Sasha Zenich, Nastya Chetyenova, Karina Poltyeva as well as applications of Olya Zenich and Alexey Chernyshov and sure enough – hand-made articles of Misha Bushelych.

The guys expressed their gratitude to the initiators of the international event for the splendid opportunity to show their talents. Many of the children showed their interest in learning painting, making it more skilled.