Christmas party “Where Bethlehem star shines” organized in Pilgrim was held in the atmosphere of real miracles and God’s presence.

Lyubov Larionova, teacher in chief in “Republic “Pilgrim”: “While celebrating Christmas the entire world as though sings. In the sky the stars and planets drive round dances. Beneath they echo the hymns in the honor of Christmas executed in churches and cathedrals. It seems the calm light of Good and Joy flows over the world. Both kids and adults rejoice”.

     Realizing the importance of the one of the main Christian holidays – Birth of Christ, the children were rehearsing thoroughly, preparing special costumes and setting tuning in Christmas atmosphere.

    At the long awaited day of the holiday the guys as though have become the participants of the events connected with the birth of God – baby Jesus. They came to worship Jesus Christ as though they really witnessed the miraculous night’s event.

    Concluding the holiday the kids were singing carols, recited poems about Christmas, applaudes of the audience and sweets gifts served their reward.

      Victoria Vakhnova, the senior mentor of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “ Pilgrim”: “I wish the children to keep the light of X-mass in their hearts and share it with other people.”