While there were elections in Ukraine they were also electing the new president in the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “Pilgrim”. The event was held according to all the laws of the republic. They did without falsifications and emergencies.

There were 5 former ministers standing to get the position of the president and only one of the candidacies was a representative of fair sex – Alina Zenich. All of them made up the pre-election programs where they told how they had got to the center to which trip they had gone and what they’d like to change to the better in the center.

When the solemn day came the party hall of the center turned into the polling district. All the current rules of the state were obeyed: cabins for secret ballot, ballot box, there were members of polling committee present as well as 2 observers. Not only children of the center were voting but also the kids from foster homes and the staff of Pilgrim.

 As the response to the question if they used dirty means for PR in pre-electing races the principle of the center Tatyana Karpukhina states that no similar violations were noticed however, there were short spontaneous propaganda meetings at the school breaks. Each of the candidacies involved their friends who organized exit palls on their own.

The votes lined up in the following way:
With the result of 22 votes Valeriy Glushets (13 years old) was elected to be the President (he used to be PM of the republic). The second place, and consequently, the position of the PM was taken by Alina Zenich with 18 votes in her trophy.  The very next day the inauguration of the head of the republic was held.

Among the basic mottos of Valeriy there were such:
The new government must serve a good example for their citizens, to get filled with God to change lives. Valeriy also intends to develop international affairs of the state.

When the newly elected president recited laying his hand on the Bible the local TV came to the center so the event was covered in the city mass media.