One of these days pastor Gennadiy had visited women’s prison and overwhelmed the imprisoned ladies with his declaration: “No matter what you crime was, we all have sinned against God and we all are in the same position before Him”. The women were crying, repenting and getting so much precious hope.

After starting by the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” ministering in the women’s prison No 107 in the village Kamensk   about 50 ladies began attending the services regularly.

Pastor Gennadiy spoke to women about a lot of things including “when we accept the Lord, He justifies us. And on the contrary, without repentance everybody with no exception goes to hell”.

2 fostered kids of Gennadiy joined him in the service.

Sergii Kucheruk, 15: “It’s very cramped in the prison, the jails limit you and the auditorium for the services is so small that you feel like herrings in a tin”.

Gennadiy shared with us the prospects of the prison ministry. He said that they planned to make a TV program about prison ministry under the title “God in jail”.

At the end of the service pastor Gennadiy promised to the gathered women to pray for them and asked them to pray for him.

In order to be “Jew for the Jews and Greek for the Greeks” Gennadiy Mokhnenko tried on the “prison uniform” that made the congregation in jails glad.

This very day over 20 women made an altar prayer. But almost all shed tears caused by the touch of the Lord. Bright testimonies heard by these women gave hope to their hearts that God will change their lives to the better.