“Good Manners” were in the epicenter of attention of the children of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “Pilgrim”. Having mastered the rules of etiquette the kids rushed to practice them. Full of confidence that the good manners decorate any person, they are ready now to teach others.

In the contest “Good manners” not only citizens of “Republic “Pilgrim” could test but the kids from foster families created by the fund “Pilgrim” as well. They had to try hard!  For on the eve of the contest they had to learn the rules of etiquette by heart. They dramatized the episodes in public transport, restaurant, visiting friends at home with a great enthusiasm. And when “pop stars” appeared there was a turn of those who are ready to interview them. They couldn’t do without bright presenters for sure. This part was played by fairy heroines of Russian tales.

The denouement of the event was the speech of 70-year-old volunteer – teacher Galina Cercek who skillfully performed the ethic subjects and the kids could give valuable advices and estimated the situation correctly.

The children and the teens left the event with a sincere desire to become better, cleaner and with a confidence that good manners decorate any person.

Pastor Gennadiy called on the church to come to be taught by pilgrims in the area of ethics and esthetics.