CYCLE “GOOD CHANGES”: Slava Kozhemyakin – rehabilitation picks up speed.

11 – year-old Slava came to “Pilgrim” from Lugansk. First the boy was getting accustomed to unfamiliar midst for him with great difficulties. But already today radical changes to the better occurred in the introverted boy.

The mother of the student of the fifth grade Slava Kozhemiakin has recently repented in the local church in Lugansk. God set her free of alcoholism, gave her a new life. But within the previous years there was a huge lack in upbringing of the kid. Slava found himself in a bad company, started missing classes, street became for him his second home. In the church Slava’s Mom was recommended to address to Mariupol’s center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “Pilgrim” where her son could get efficient help.

At first the boy was getting accustomed to life in the center with great difficulties. The boy is very much attached to his mother, his family and that is why everything in the orphanage seemed so strange for him.  He was bored, didn’t want to contact anybody in the center, smiled rarely. Twice within the short time of his staying at Pilgrim he managed to run away. But recently real changes have occurred to him. He found friends in Pilgrim and life in the orphanage no more seemed to him boring and useless. The pedagogues started noticing that the mood of the boy has become much better. He liked the school and started participating actively in the events of the center with the other kids.

Slava Kozhemyakin: “Now I am surrounded by my friends and I like it. In my class those guys are studying who live with me in the same room. It’s really cool!”

The Principle of the center “Republic “ Pilgrim” Tatyana Karpukchina pointed out: “ We hope Slava will finish the fifth grade  and in the summer he’ll go on trips with other pilgrims where, as we saw many times,  the children experience something new and special in their lives. It influences positively on the rehabilitation of the guys. If by the new academic year Slava has been firmly on the way of correction, he will be able to come back to Lugansk to his family.”