Adventure of faith on the Equator

Pastor- pilgrim Gennady Mokhnenko going into another trip to Africa, Kenya, scheduled for mid-January of 2012. Pastor has a desire to see the same desperately dedicated travelers, who will spend 10 days of the mission in one of the poorest regions in the world.

In the North of Kenya at this moment is a famine. The Islamic radical groups have also stepped up, increasing its activities, and have recently made several attacks. However, the pastor- Pilgrim believes that such conditions still more to awaken people to the missionary zeal to bring Gospel.

Gennady Mokhnenko: “If you are a pastor, minister, businessman or simply a man of courage, capable of on this occasion to break your piggy bank and paying your own expenses, to bring blessing  in children’s homes and churches in Kenya, invite you to a ten-day journey to the edge of the world! For these amazing adventures and rich days we will visit and serve in many Christian churches and orphanages, prisons, slums and on the night streets. “

 Pastor Gennady knows that street children in Kenyan Slums are tired, and often malnourished, pastors of local churches will feel the touch of God’s love through this ministry. While on this trip, you will have the opportunity to support the hands of missionaries who have dedicated themselves to full service in Africa.

Tentatively trip scheduled from the 16th to 26th of January 2012. The total cost of the trip – about 2,300 U.S. dollars. This includes all expenses trip to Nairobi and from there to the border with Uganda in the missionary base in Kitale, and all pay for the accommodation, meals and transportation during the trip.

Gennady Mokhnenko: “We are waiting for an amazing adventure of faith! I would be happy to go with you through these great days. Comfort, health and safety of life are not guaranteed! My own call is to the pastors of the churches, who would like to take part in this journey, and begin their “distant mission”. Turning the logic of the Christians in other direction, from their communities of complaints about the difficulties of being to the direction of the real missionary work on the edge of the earth. I would be especially happy to take you along for this missionary trip. “

Special thanks to all who will be able to support this trip feasible, and for your donations to orphanages and local churches.


More information by phone in Ukraine

+38-067-625-79-30 – Oleg Boravlev, the administrator of the Church of Good Changes

+38-067-628-29-99 – Maria Skolobanova, preparations for the trip

+38-067-621-10-05 – pastor- Pilgrim, Gennady Mokhnenko 

fund.pilgrim @