Future social workers came to practice in the “Pilgrim”

In the mid-October, center of children's rehabilitation "Republic Pilgrim" was visited by a group of students from Zaporozhye. Students from Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, who are training to become social workers: “We learned about the "Pilgrim Republic," thanks to the film, "Makarenko from Mariupol." Their teachers found it necessary to ensure that future social workers met in practice work with a complex category of children and have experience in dealing with street children. 

In “Pilgrim Republic,” the young people spent the whole day. The program was very intense. Initially they had a tour of the building center where students could see the living conditions of children, a dining room, classrooms, a gymnasium and other facilities. They asked questions about children’s age, and their life stories, as they tour the “Pilgrim.” Then there was a two-hour meeting with pastor Gennadiy – founder of the “Republic Pilgrim”. At the meeting, pastor Gennadiy showed pictures and videos of the Children’s Center spoke about the formation of work with street children in Mariupol. The young people listened with delight about the first raids, the beginning of work with street children, many of the success stories. Pastor Gennady, in turn, saw the importance to convey to students information about working with this category of children as future social workers will have a positive impact on society, ranging from simple work with street children to improve the country’s laws.

The culmination was the direct personal contact with children, and young people of the “Republic Pilgrim”. First, guests conducted various games and competitions with the young pilgrims. Then there was an interactive dialogue with the older students of the center, where children also played games and held competitions. Pilgrims liked this event very much, and university students had fun to communicate with children and took an active part in games and contests.At the end of the day, guests from Zaporozhye gave to each child a package of gifts – stationery, books, fruits and various sweets, and to each team presented the game – the big puzzle.