Do not let children to be killed by loneliness

About a year ago in the charity fund "Pilgrim" started a new ministry, that helps abandoned children in hospitals , boarding schools and orphanages in Mariupol and Horlivka.

The head of this ministry, Irina Matyushina organize those who want to go and help children with their own hands: to play, feed, put them to sleep, and care for kids. Volunteers visit kids in the city hospital №2 in Horlivka, where always from 4 to 11 kids. Most children are from disadvantaged f
amilies. Typically, during stay and treatment in the hospital they wait for court decision about their future. In anticipation of their waiting, which is determined by the courts, children often spend time alone. They really need caring hands, which are always lacking in hospitals. This is what the volunteers of fund “Pilgrim” doing – trying to give young patients: love, care, attention, and if possible, extra food and vitamins. 

Some of the children from the hospital find adoptive parents, and the rest will go to Kramatorsk orphanage, as well as Horlivka shelter “Hope”. According to Irina Matiushina kids often, in need of medical supplies and volunteers collect those, asking for help from ordinary people. 

In addition in Horlivka volunteers attend a specialized orphanage in Makeyevka, where the kids from birth to 6 years with the status of HIV. Together with the Isaev family, who have already committed, and carrying for seven children with HIV status, they bring children’s clothes, diapers, fruits, toys, stationery and personal hygiene items. 

In Mariupol volunteers are in constant communication with the children’s department at City Hospital № 3. Where are staying children that left behind, most of whom have HIV-status, as well as kids from orphanages from Mariupol, going though necessary treatment. Irina and other volunteers bring children medicines, hygiene products, and fruits. Recently, one of the premises had a little remodel. 

Irina Matyushina: “For all that is necessary for children we are looking on our own. Usually, before the next trip, on social networks, I write requests and needs, and all who want and can make a contribution to help abandoned babies. We always collect most necessary items – clothes, baby food, hygiene products, toys, medicines, detergents and cleaners. Thank God for the good and helpful people who are helping us. We ask all those who care – come and support us. Any support, even just communicating with the kids – it’s more moments of joy for them, because loneliness kills”.