In Mariupol opened another children’s library

Recently, the "Republic Pilgrim" has opened a real library. Now the library contains over 1,000 books on various subjects. All this became possible after the resident of Mariupol has donated their home library to children.

In early April, Valentina learned that the children’s center, home too many children, donated a huge library to former street kids – about 1,000 books! Which include children’s literature, classical literature of Russian and foreign authors, publications, novels, stories, poetry, and many other books.

Earlier in the “Pilgrim” was already a small library, but this diversity and number of books children have never seen, and this gift has made a significant movement and joy in the Republic. Two of the boys – Michael Shityuk and Maxim Tsebro – immediately volunteered to be leaders of the library. They have got a special log book of all books and readers, streamlined books on the shelves.

One of the teachers said that the opening of the library had a positive i

mpact on all pilgrims. They use the library with interest; and want to learn more about different authors. While not all children can master the classics, but all students enjoy reading children’s books.

Tatiana Karpukhina, director of CBD “Republic Pilgrim”: “We consider it very important to open large full-fledged library in the center. Children can learn more about the world, to develop intellectually. It is important to get them interested in reading, because the younger generation can be called the generation of the Internet and television. For us, the children’s center staff are always pleased to see the teenager, enthusiastic reading a book. We believe that this library is a very frequently visited by children and staff of the center, as an English writer and philosopher Samuel Smiles said: “Books – the best leaders of youth and wonderful companions when you older.”