In the “Pilgrim” is about to be born a new generation of famous fashion designers

Get the skills of sewing skills former street kids will be able because of help of those who care. These caring people gave to the "Pilgrim" several professional sewing machines. Because of that now children can learn to sew simple items for practical use in everyday life, and create a variety of decorations for the interior.

It has long been the center staff and students of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim” dreamed of opening a sawing class. Today the dream has come true. For the sewing workshop has been prepared by a separate room and installed professional sawing machines. Also in the room have a training board for easy learning of theoretical material. In the future, the workshop will be further equipped with racks and stands for the finished product.

In addition to the female half of “Pilgrim” one boy became interested in sewing as well. He was particularly inspired when he learned that among the most well-known fashion designers are men – and a large majority.

To teach children the skill of sewing in a children’s center has already appeared volunteer – Natalia, she teaches girls to use sewing machines, and have even make their first products – soft toys.  Her future plan is to teach the girls cutting, to produce linen, sew simple garments. By September we plan to organize the first exhibition of works by students.

Tatiana Karpukhina, director of CBD “Republic Pilgrim”: “We see it as of great importance in the upbringing and development of adolescents. After all, these sewing skills will not only allow more children to instill perseverance and hard work, but may later become the basis for choosing a future profession, as well as simple to be useful in everyday life . I would like to thank everyone who has made their efforts helping to create the material base and for their hard work. Thanks to caring people, children now have the opportunity to learn something, get involved and start to develop something new. “