Space Adventure in the Pilgrims

Recently, in Mariupol took place an annual competition "Start teenager 2012", organized within the framework of the student charity project "With a warm heart." This year's theme of the contest was about space and the solar system. The main purpose of the event was to allow children of complex social categories - from boarding schools, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, to participate in high level competitions, to show their talents, get to know each other and communicate with the best students of the city of Mariupol.

The program of the competition “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” was a quiz with many questions on space and related topics, interplanetary dance “battles”, where the team showed fragments of a variety of musical compositions, and many others.

Many children from the “Republic Pilgrim” under the guidance of students from MGI presented the planet Mars. The boys were preparing for several weeks rehearsing the various dances in today’s dynamic style, invented images, costumes, and the motto of the team. Despite the limited financial resources, the Pilgrims were able to adequately present their costumes. Separate the jury noted that the Pilgrims had the brightest “cosmic” makeup. Former street children received great support from the audience, and their fellow friends. They chanted loudly in support of the “Martians” were dressed in the same shape and were holding the banner.

 As a result of the competition jury awarded the victory to all participants in a particular category. Students of children’s rehabilitation center “Republic Pilgrim” became winners in the category “Voyager” for the effort to win. Children received a certificate and statuette, symbolizing the victory. They also got a “sweet prize” – big cake. All students were very inspired by the competition, both the team members and fans.Tatiana Karpukhina, director of the CBD “Republic Pilgrim”: “Through such activities, children become more confident in themselves and their abilities. Each of them tried very hard and took lots of preparation for the contest, and they saw the results of their labors and efforts. It should be noted that in our city more are sincerely trying to involve children in urban developments. Young people making a lot of effort and invest their own time in order to attract public attention to orphans and children of a complex social category. “