Let’s make the party for orphans

The center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim” at the Charity Fund “ Pilgrim” initiated and due to open hearts of the management of supermarkets of the city has been holding for several years now the action “ Let’s make the party for orphans”.

The purpose of the action is to attract the attention of customers in the trade centers to the problems of orphans and to let everyone participate in the lives of the orphans and former street kids. 

 For the whole day the pilgrims in shifts meet and see the customers of the supermarkets off with a smile and readiness to have a chat. The kids don’t just need presents.  Very often the kids just need a simple fellowship, a hug, some attention. This is why while the action is on any person can  chat with the children, to ask them questions they have and get genuine answers.

At the day of the action the kids and workers of the fund give away flyers with the information about the action and about the children’s center.  Everyone who is willing can buy for the kids the necessary items like food, hygienic stuff, stationeries etc. and to leave it in the box by the exit of the shop.

The workers of “Pilgrim” always thankfully share that the people in Mariupol are very responsive to the call. The compassion and readiness to help, open hearts of the people make the action work. There are more fruit and sweets on the tables of the children. And in the hearts of the people there are good changes.  The pilgrims always receive the help with prayer and grateful hearts and what is most important they can see and get affirmed in the thought that they are not on their own in this world and that this world can be not only rough but, fortunately, it is full of good people.