Memorial service of Gennadiy Mokhnenko

In memorial days in Postsoviet area there's a tradition to come to the tombs of relates that is why I decided to describe in details my own funeral liturgy. In my message about death that lacks its power after the Resurrection of Christ I was speaking about overcoming by christians the fear of crossing the last line. As an illustration I asked my stuff to do all necessary preparations fro the funeral.

Starting phrase with which ( in case of sudden death) they should inform my family and also with the model of the casket , place of burial and hymns to be sung at memorial service – everything was planned in details. As a special illustration there was a wreath with a ribbon signed ” see you soon”, that was made to remind my parish that life is actually short.

The special table for the tomb was also made in advance and demonstrated while the liturgy was on. The dates of birth and death were from my actual birth up to eternity which is supposed to remind that every human is everlasting and ” there was time when there was no you and me but there won’t be a tiem when there’s no more you and m!”.

Moving detail in the funeral was th e fact that I let them save money on flowers, they’d rather donate this money for the prison ministry which is quite active in The Church of Good Cahnges. And sure enough the finances saved on memorial lunch must be given to my precious spiritual child – the center of children’s rehabilitation ” Republic Pilgrim” As for wreaths and flowers from friends and attendees I asked not to buy them but instead to give this money to our partner orphanages in Kenya where i work in my farther mission. And also I asked pastor Sergey Demidovich ( my media partner) to preach at my funeral ( sure enough wearing white!!!) and in this solemn day he is to agree with me at least at one point…