The runaways are found, the drug den is emptied

These days the workers of the Charity Fund "Pilgrim" made an urgent raid to find runaway teens. The raid ended up successfully. Some new street kids were taken to the center of children's rehabilitation along with the runaways.

Some guys have lots of difficulties on the way of their rehabilitation – guys liek Artyom Alifirenko, Bogdan Savchenko and Nick Rykov violated lots of rules in the center and ran away.

After their runaway the team of workers and government of Republic was immediately mobilized to make a raid around the city. The search was quite complicated, lots of raids, quite longlasting ones. The team was looking for tem everywhere in the train stations, market places, drug dens. Police wanted them too.One of nights the police brought to Pilgrim one of runaways. In several days others were found too.They also found some more teens who lived in a drug den with adult drunkards. Some of them are so called former clients of Pilgrim, they had run away from pilgrim long ago and decided to live on street. The oldest one of them is 18. After long talks withthe wirkers the guy agreed to go on rehab to the village of Chervone where the rehab center for adults is located.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the principle of Republic Pilgrim : “Within only one week on street our three runaways started looking like real homeless. The basements and drug dens don’t give hope for a better life! Presently they are locked in the intensive department of the center where our workers talk to them individually and pray for them. We hope we can help them to rehabilitate themselves. I’d like also to point out that the government of the Republic was working operatively alongside with the workers of the center who are ready to help teenagers finding themselves on street”.