One more kid adopted by “Eagle’s nest”

Alyona Koval has been living in different orphanages since the age of 10 and she's been dreaming to have a real family. During the conference of the alliance “Ukraine without orphans" her dream came true.

Her physical parents have quite common issues with alcohol abuse so they were deprived of parental rights. Her 4 adult brothers don’t show any interest in her. When Alyona turned 10 the minor service took her to a boarding school where she lived for 2 months. The boarding school located not far from Kiev. It was a radical moment in herdestiny.

    One day a volunteers’ team from Sweden came to that boarding school. They asked kids to perform a song or dance and nobody wanted to go to the stage up until the teacher offered 2 hrivnas (Ukrainian currency) for that. Alyona started singing and as a result she was invited to Christian camp in Sweden which lasted for 1 month.

     One Sweden woman who was the one of organizers of that camp really liked Alyona and showed much interest in her. Ultimately she asked a translator named Tatyana to take care of the girl, to bring her some humanitarian aid and eventually to find a family for her. The girl had tendency to run away from the boarding school quite often. The girl refused to be adopted by foreigners but to find adoptive parents in Ukraine is much more difficult: nobody wanted to take such a responsibility. However one day Tatyana met the Kanashins family. They recommended the adoptive family at the Charity fund “Pilgrim” named “Eagle’s nest”.

   First the girl met an older daughter of this family who actually lives currently in Kiev. Then the adoptive parents themselves came to Kiev to meet her. The girls liked each other from the first sight. She started to calling her adoptive parents Mom and Dad practically at once. Then there was a time for making adoption papers. During Alliance’s conference Olga and Alexander could take her home from Kiev. At home she was waited by the big happy family.

   Thus Alyona has become a first good fruit of “Ukraine without orphans” alliance.

After this big dream of Alyona came true the other small one came to reality too – mobile telephone. According to her new parents she was so delighted that never left her phone. Alyona got along with her new brothers and sisters pretty well. The girl is keen on drawing so the nearest plan is to help her to be enrolled in the school of Arts.