“Pilgrim” takes refugee- children.

There are new kids in Republic Pilgrim they come regularly and each of them have their tough life stories. Many of them have seen in their lives what very few grown ups saw. However, lately not only difficult teenagers have been coming to Pilgrim but also the children of the refugees. The name of one of them is Christina.

The charity fund “Pilgrim” has been actively helping the refugees who came to Mariupol from the towns where the war actions are active. Over 50 of the live now in the facility of the adaptation center where they get the necessary assistance. One of those people who turned to us for help is a single mother with two kids. She is from Makeevka this town has been suffering from military activity very much. The family was received in the adaptation center and the oldest daughter was enrolled in the Pilgrim school for her not to miss classes. Her name is Christina.

At fir4st the girl was very remote from other kids, was scared but she got better in a little while. She has difficulties in her studies but the teachers and mentors do their best to help and support her for her to be calm and confident.

Within her staying in Pilgrim Christina has already participated in several big events and it was all to do with performing and once she was the only performer on the stage.

Christina, the refuge:” We didn’t want to leave our home but we were too scared, there were shootings and explosions. We had no place to go to. But then we went to Mariupol. For me not to miss my studies in school my Mom brought me here to Pilgrim. We study here, we play and pray. We pray for the war to be stopped and for us to be able to get back home”.